Sili Boost tube 2600 mAh Portable Back Up Battery (Silver)

Sili Boost tube 2600 mAh Portable Back Up Battery (Silver)
Brand: Sili
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Sili Boost tube 2600 mAh Portable  Back Up Battery (Silver)
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RRP $79.90

  • Sili Boost tube 2600 mAh Portable Battery Back Up (Silver)



    • Give your devices an instant battery boost with the handy SILI Boost Tube for just $49! Valued at $79.90
    • The SILI Boost Tube extends the battery life of your devices for days without having to plug them into an AC outlet!
    • This slim and sleek lithium ion battery backup is THE must-have accessory for the clever owner of a smart phone or portable device!
    • Compatible with most of the M.Phone- iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Galaxy Tab, HTC, PSP, NDS Lite, 3DS, GPS and most other USB charged devices!
    • Features a robust and tough anodized aluminium casing for added protection against daily bumps and damage
    • Plus the SILI Boost Tube features a handy LED indicator light for charge status – so you’ll never be caught with your battery down!
    • Comes in sleek silver and boasts a compact 118 x 22mm / 183 x 22mm design so it can be easily stowed  away for those tight predicaments and emergencies

    Smart devices need smart accessories. Increasingly most smart phones, GPS and portable devices runs out of power due to constant demand and high usage.

    Introducing the SILI Boost Tube. This slim and sleek lithium ion battery backup is the ‘must have’ accessory for smart phones and portable devices. The anodized aluminium casing is robust and tough for added protection.

    Travellers, adventurers, business and constant users, now have the option to use portable devices for several days without having to plug into an ac outlet.

    Works with most smart devices including: Apple iPhone 4/4S/5, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Galaxy Tab, Nexus, HTC, Nokia, Motorola) etc. Also works with Sony PSP, Nintendo DS Lite/3DS, GPS, Mp3 players and most devices with USB connection. Please refer to your manufacturer’s instructions on charging your device.

    • Contents: AC adaptor, USB cable, tips for Galaxy Tab, Nintendo DS Lite/3DS, Sony PSP
    • Capacity 2600 mAh
    • Output Voltage 5 V DC

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